At eXITSTM we are proud that we have been able to bring to the Colorado region two very special educational offerings for many years now.  Our purpose in bringing these events is to enable business owners and advisors to business owners to better understand the comprehensive process of exit planning that we utilize, as well as appreciate the necessity for doing proper planning if owners hope to transition out of their businesses in "style".

Our Business Owner Briefing is designed to inform business owners and their advisors as to the specific process developed over thirty years ago, that we utilize to help our business owner clients plan for what should be the single most significant financial event of their lives - the transition out of their businesses!  In addition, at the Business Owner Briefing the "take aways" are that Exit Planning is a process and not an event; that Exit Planning takes time; that no one advisor can do it all; and that it takes project management.  As an additional benefit to advisors who attend, we offer continuing education credit for CPA's, Attorneys, and Insurance Advisors.

Our Guest Lecture Series is designed to highlight many of the outstanding professionals, from various disciplines, who work with the business owner on their Exit Planning team, to help them plan and implement their (the owner's) specific exit objectives.

As mentioned, Exit Planning is a process and not an event; it takes time; no one advisors can do it all; and it takes project management. At eXITSTM our primary role is that of Project Manager.  Using a construction analogy, we are like the Eeneral Contractor.  We can't do anything without the fantastic input and implementation work of the many "Subs" working in their specific area of Exit Planning expertise.  The "subs", if you will, are our featured Guests in our Guest Lecture Series.  These professions include business and estate planning attorneys, valuation specialists, insurance and financial planning advisors, bankers, business brokers, private equity and investment bankers.  In addition, we bring to our Guest Lecture Series many of the fine business consultants, facilitators and coaches who help business owners build value and help them position their companies to sell or transition successfully.