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Upcoming Wave of Business Owners Leaving Their Businesses Offers Both Risk and Opportunity for CPAs...

Want Your Practice To Make More Money?

If you want to position yourself to attract new high caliber clients and increase your income, read on...

Dear Fellow Advisor,

John never thought it would happen to him. For years he's enjoyed the results of all the hard work he put in. Suddenly, almost without warning, his income dropped. Now he's cut back on some luxuries he's enjoyed for years. John never thought that the great work he does for clients could have a downside.

You see, John built his practice on referrals. When he started, a key client referred John to all his friends. Soon, they were all clients. Little did John know, that they all shared something that's haunting him now - they all decided to leave their businesses around the same time.

Luckily, John is the accountant for some of the new owners. But most already had an accountant in place. Just when he planned to take it easy in his practice, he's busy asking for referrals and doing everything else he did to build his practice.

Then there's Jim.

For years John and Jim's practices were very much the same. Their education was similar, they both had similar numbers of clients, and they both made the same income. A few years ago the similarities started decreasing.

Now, while John's practice struggles, Jim's practice thrives and is expanding.

What Could Cause a Practice To Thrive?

The truth is, Jim saw a trend coming and positioned his practice to profit from it.

He knew demand would surge for certain services. His existing clients want those services and by offering them he attracts new highly profitable clients.

Struggling accountants know all about the trend, but don't know how to capitalize on it. After finishing this letter, you'll know how to tap into the skyrocketing demand for this service.

According to the SBA, over 50% of business owners will exit their business in the next five years, and "At any given time, 40% of U.S. businesses are facing the transfer of ownership issue."

If you want your practice to thrive, start offering exit planning services now.

Protect Your Bottom Line By Taking a Simple Step

Since a large portion of your existing business owner clients will leave their businesses in the next 3 to 10 years, you need to talk to them about exit planning now.

Don't wait for your clients to approach you. Most won't. Others will wait until it's too late for exit planning to be effective.

Take steps now to protect your bottom line when your older business owner clients leave their businesses. Act now to make sure you're the accountant for the new owners.

Even if the owners are leaving 3 to 10 years in the future - you need to offer eXITS® planning services now.

Any day you could be asked, "I'm planning on selling (transferring) my business, what should I do?"

If you can't answer that, without hesitation, you've got a problem. Your client needs something and you can't deliver.

Don't let your client go to another CPA who can deliver the services they want. Don't suffer the pain when that accountant "steals" your client.

Sell More Services to Existing and New Clients

Offer eXITS® planning services and instead of hesitating when asked what to do, you can confidently answer...

"I can show you a 7 Step Process that will let you sell (transfer) your business when you want; to whom you want; for the amount you want."

In fact, not only will you not fear that question. You'll be able to ask your clients when they plan to leave their business.

So, instead of referring your clients to another accountant with the subject matter expertise, you'll be doing more work for existing clients.

When your client goes through the eXITS® planning process, they'll have a detailed step-by-step guide telling them what they need to do and when they need to do it.

They'll know which services they need and when to get them. To achieve their exit objectives, your clients will ask you for additional services before and after the transition.

The "roadmap" to follow is created by a proprietary piece of software, called EPIC™. Advisors with access to this software have a huge advantage over their competition who offer exit planning services.

In addition...

By being an active participant through your clients entire transition or sales process, you'll be strategically positioned and have a much better chance of maintaining a relationship with the new owners.

Finally, as it becomes known that you offer eXITS® planning services, you'll attract new highly profitable business.

All of this is made possible just by letting your clients know you have a proven process in place to help with their exit planning requirements.

Soaring Market Demand for CPA's Who Offer eXITS® Planning Services

Currently in the U.S., there are 9.2 million owners of over 7 million established small businesses. Of these owners, more than half are older than 50. Soon, these owners will need exit planning services.

The number of owners leaving their businesses now is just the tip of the iceberg. Think of the potential demand for your accounting and other important services required for exit planning... as the Baby Boomers leave their business.

When you offer EXITS® planning services now, you have a head start. When your competition finally "wakes up", you're already established as the CPA to go to for exit planning services.

Team with eXITS, LLC and Increase Your Income

My firm, eXITS™, LLC specializes in Exit Planning.

Together we'll show your clients a proven process to successfully exit their business.

This process was developed by John H. Brown, recognized as the nation's leading expert on exit planning. John has created this system using input from hundreds of advisors from multiple disciplines as well as his 30 years experience working with businesses nationwide. By following this process, owners of thousands of businesses have been able to leave their businesses on their terms.

As a part of the exit planning team, you'll be able to share this with your clients or we can do it for you. This 7 step process requires accounting services during each step. It also includes matters like financial analysis, business valuation, modeling, estate tax analysis, tax planning, and tax counseling.

Now I am personally reaching out to you. I want you on my team of professional advisors and it won't cost you anything.

Spend Your Time Dealing With Clients -- Not Other Advisors!

When you're a member of my team, you'll spend more time on the activity that makes you money - providing clients with services they need. You won't waste your time providing the information necessary to create an exit plan to multiple advisors.

I'm like the quarterback... I coordinate the flow of information among all the necessary experts. It's my responsibility to make sure everything flows smoothly, allowing you to spend more time on billable tasks.

Benefit From Proven Tools, Strategies & Resources At Your Disposal...

In addition, you won't spend time creating marketing and sales materials.

I provide tools proven to work. When you use these tools, you'll increase your visibility, boost your credibility with your clients, and add even more professionalism to your practice.

The bottom line is -- whatever your exit planning need is, you'll have access to the expertise or tools you need.

One more thing.

Earlier I mentioned EPIC™.

EPIC™ - The Tool That Gives You An Unfair Advantage

Team members have access through eXITSLLC to an exclusive high-end piece of software. It's called EPIC™, the Exit Plan Interactive Creator. With it, you won't worry even if your competition offers exit planning services - they don't have EPIC™.

EPIC™ is the result of over 30 years of work. John Brown combined his expertise with knowledge gathered from hundreds of professionals from different fields.

By using EPIC™ for exit planning, the trial and error learning period that plagues other CPA's who offer exit planning services is eliminated. Instead, EPIC™ provides a comprehensive list of questions to ask your clients. The data is put into EPIC™ and it helps create a Personalized Exit Plan tailored to your client's unique requirements. If there's a problem with their objectives, together we perform "What If" scenarios, and get viable options to present.

Your client will have a detailed, step-by-step guide showing exactly what needs to be done, and when it needs to be done. By following this plan, they'll have a successful exit.

But, there's far more to it than that. The only way to discover everything EPIC™ does is to become a member of my team.

You Can Benefit Even If You Don't Perform eXITS® Planning Services

Although I feel every CPA should offer EXITS® planning services, I know that many won't. Some have no interest, or don't feel qualified. Even if you don't plan on offering exit planning services, there's a way you can benefit.

By referring your client to our exit planning advisors, you've done the right thing for your client. They'll know the value of their business, how it needs to grow, how to sell to an outside party or sell internally, how to set up contingency plans in case the owner doesn't survive, and more.

Your client will appreciate your referral, because you've shown that you're concerned about his or her business future. Plus you win by knowing that your client won't leave you for another accountant that performs exit planning.

Your client will also likely discover that they need additional services that you do provide.

When your client needs to prepare to sell their business, you can now refer them to a network of qualified professionals, knowing that your core business is safe. My advisors only do the work necessary for the EXITS® planning process, leaving you to continue with your core business tasks.

There is no interference with your business.

Let me ask you a few questions .

  1. Do you want to "lock-in" your existing clients?
  2. Do you want to generate a stream of new, high quality clients?
  3. Do you want to make sure that your income doesn't suffer when your clients retire?
  4. Do you want to make sure your practice thrives in the next decade?
  5. Are you serious about taking action now?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you owe it yourself to learn more.

CALL NOW To Discover How Adding eXITS® Planning to Your Practice Can Become An Ongoing Profit Center

All you need to do is call me personally at, (303) 501-8711 to discover how we can work together for our mutual benefit. Feel free to ask me any questions you have.

If you're still skeptical, call anyway. Your bottom line is too important not to learn more.

Remember, by joining my team...

  • You'll learn how to increase your income by attracting new high quality clients.
  • You'll be doing the right thing for your clients. By introducing them to the EXITS® planning process, they can leave their business with hundreds of thousands more income.
  • You'll generate more business by helping your clients with the exit planning process.
  • By being a key part of the EXITS® planning process, you'll have a better chance of representing the new business owners.
  • You'll have access to a qualified team of professionals, who won't interfere with your core business.
  • Unlike most other CPA's, you'll "lock-in" your clients - they'll not risk upsetting their plans to leave their business by switching to another CPA.
  • And most importantly, you'll learn how to position yourself as the resource for your retiring clients.

Plus much more...


And, remember, there's no charge for you to add this service.

To your increased profits,

Ken Stiefler, CExP™
President eXITS LLC

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