Laurie Taylor, President/founder, FlashPoint! helps CEO's with fewer than 500 employees, uncover the hidden agents that are creating obstacles to growth.  Having taken a company from 2 to over 100 employees and up to $12 million in sales, Laurie's experience in leading and managing a growing organization and dealing with a downturn that almost sent the company into bankruptcy, she understands the challenges and the ups and downs of business ownership.

While working with James Fischer, the author of the book, Navigating the Growth Curve, and the research behind the 7 Stages of Growth, Laurie became convinced that James' model provided CEO's with a crystal ball into their past, present and future - allowing a CEO and his/her management team better predict how growth would impact the company.

Laurie has recently published a how to book called "Survie and Thrive: How To Unlock Profits In A Startup With 1-10 Employees" and it is the first in a series of seven books that will provide business owners with tips and exercises on how to addfress the most pressing challenges for their stage of growth.

As a speaker, trainer and business consultant, Laurie works with companies to introduce them to the concepts of the 7 Stages of Growth.  She has spoken to over 4,500 CEO's in the past 3 years, has turned a portion of her offline business into an online business and has a licensed program, her Growth Curve Specialist Community, where she trains other business consultants on the 7 Stages of Growth.  Recently Laurie has partnered with TTI Sucess Insights out of Phoenix, AZ and has taken the concepts of the 7 Stages of Growth  to their 7,000 person-strong distributor network.

Laurie lives in Tucson, AZ with her husband Dave.  She is also the proud owner of a BMW F650 Twin GS motorcycle and has ridden since 1973.

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