Exit Planning Workbook for The Business Owner - Free Assessment Tool

The Seven Step Exit Planning ProcessTM

We use an approach to Exit Planning that was developed by an attorney and author John H. Brown over 20 years ago.  This process has been used successfully by thousands of owner's across the United States in a wide variety of industries.  We use it because it focuses on your objectives, helps build value in your company, can minimize your tax liability, maximize your financial return, plans for contingencies, and incorporates your personal wealth planning.  In this workbook you'll see how each of these elements is critical to your comprehensive Exit Plan.

Using This Workbook

With this Assessment Workbook you are asked a series of questions that you either answer "Yes" I have done that, or "No" I have not done that.  It is ONLY on the "No" responses that you then rate the importance of that task/issue to YOU from 0 being N/A; 1=Not Important; up to 5=Critical.  In other words it is addressing those planning tasks that you haven't done and asking whether or not it is important to YOU that you get it done!  I also would like to clarify two other possible points of confusion - In the Step Six section of the Assessment if you are a Sole Owner only answer the six questions listed under Sole Owners.  If you are a Co-Owner only answer questions seven through eleven listed under Co-Owners.  Lastly, you will see in the instructions for Step Four that if you are contemplating a transfer of your Company to Insiders, then you may skip and move directly to Step Five.  If you are contemplating a transfer to an Outside Third Party, then you would complete Step 4 and then you may skip Step Five.

Upon completion of this Assessment you can email it to Vicky@TheExitFactor.com.  Unfortunately, at this time, the Assessment cannot be completed online.  Once we receive your assessment we will "score" it and send it back to you.